St Keverne

"The Lizards best kept secret"

The Square St Keverne. Courtesy of

The ideal base for your Cornish holiday

Giants Quoit, St Keverne, Cornwall.

Giants Quoit. Courtesy of

St Keverne (Lannaghevran) is set in the heart of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. This tranquil village is an ideal place to base your Cornish holiday. Enjoy walking, cycling and diving to name just a few of our attractions.

St Keverne Village.

Why choose St Keverne as your Cornish holiday destination?

Depending on the type of holiday you are looking for, Cornwall offers a variety of great places to stay.

There are great resorts with glorious beaches to enjoy sunbathing and with the usual night life.

However if you want to explore the real variety that Cornwall has to offer St Keverne with its relaxed atmosphere is a place you should consider, a great base for touring, walking, cycling, diving, camping or just a sightseeing holiday. St Keverne is ideally situated on the Lizard Peninsula.

St Keverne is set in lush farmland and farming is an important part of the local economy, but the village is less than a mile from the sea, as such it also adds to the economic makeup of the community.

St keverne bathed in Spring sunshine.



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What amenities are there in St Keverne itself?

Starting in the square we have:

St Keverne Parish Church - It would not be fitting not to start with the Church, it is probably the first sight of St Keverne you see. The spire has helped many a mariner in the past and some that did not make it are buried here.

St Keverne Store - The store is well stocked and can usually supply all your needs, this includes an off licence as well as an excellent deli counter.

Post Office - Not only useful to send those essential postcards, you can get cash here as well, it is well stocked with postcards and other gift items such as photo mugs as well stationary.

Old Temperance House - Steeped in history this luxury Bed & Breakfast has three rooms as well as a self catering cottage, just one of the many B & B establishments in and around St Keverne.


The Three Tuns - Overlooked by the church in the corner of the square, this historic pub offers a bar, restaurant and beer garden along with five letting rooms.


St Keverne Garage - We hope that you won't need it on your visit but it is nice to know that there is help if you do need it.

Just off the square we have:

Newsagents - Newsagents hardly describes this Aladdin's cave of a shop, it also stocks fishing bait & tackle, DIY and hardware, household items, greeting cards, postcards, the list goes on.

The Greenhouse - The Greenhouse is an organic restaurant, very popular with the locals. I would advise booking.

Vincent's Butcher - First class fresh meats available from this long established high class butcher, ideal for you happy campers.

St Keverne Parish Hall- Situated just off the square on Well Lane, a well used local facility, holding various events.

The Manse B&B, This stylish B&B is in Commercial Road close to the original Post Office, it only has one guest room, that being a well appointed double room.

St Keverne Band Social Club - The home of the renowned St Keverne Bands, Situated on the outskirts of the village on Lemon Street, (on the Porthoustock road).

Public Convenience - Not the first thing you would list but it is good to know that St Keverne has these facilities, along side is a large notice board, always worth checking for local events and info.

Slightly further from the square we have:

St Keverne Surgery - I know the statue of An Goff (one of St Keverne's famous sons) does not look like a surgery, however if you locate the statue the surgery is just behind it. 01326 280761

St Keverne Bakery - On a small industrial site at the top of the village we have an excellent bakery in one of the units, with fresh Cornish Pasties and Pork Pies daily.

Tregoning Lea - A small bed and breakfast establishment situated in Laddenvean at the outskirts of the village on the Porthallow road. A gentle stroll to the square.

Parc-An-Grouse - Another superb bed and breakfast and self catering establishment, situated on the Porthoustock road at the outskirts of the village. A gentle stroll to the square.

Camp Site  -  Very near to Parc-an-Grouse, Little Treginges.

Roskilly's - The renowned ice cream producers farm, the farm just outside the village is an ideal place to bring the family for a fun packed day out.

Surrounding area:

Fat Apples Cafe - This little gem can be found on the road to Porthallow, about a minute or so from Porthallow, well worth finding.

Five Pilchards Inn - Another great Cornish pub right by Porthallow beach, the interior is stacked out with really good model ships, making it an interesting place to enjoy great ale and food.

Gallen Treath - A superb bed and breakfast establishment, situated in Porthallow, offering great views of the area surrounding Porthallow.

Trevalza Cottage - This holiday cottage can be found in Porthoustock, a few minutes drive from St Keverne, an ideal retreat to enjoy enjoy the St Keverne area.

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Local Activities:

What makes St Keverne an ideal base, is its access to many and varied activities all within a short distance from the town.


This is a very popular area for walking, there many areas to explore either directly from the town or just a short car/bike journey away. We have listed a few walks for you to consider. Please note that the maps are not to scale and not meant to use as accurate guides, you should use the latest OS maps.

Just click or tap on the desired map thumbnail for a larger image.

St Keverne to Porthoustock

Approximately 4 miles

St Keverne to Grugwith

Approximately 6 miles

Porthallow to Nare Point

Approximately 4.5 miles

Coverack to Lowland Point

Approximately 5 miles

Ponsongarth to Kennack Sands

Approximately 3.5 miles


St Keverne is again an ideal base for diving, it has to be one of the most popular of the water based activities in this area.

The Manacles, the graveyard of many a vessel, offers a wealth of diving sites to explore.

There are several local diving centres that offer facilities from the beginner to the experienced.

Horse Riding:

With so much to explore around St Keverne, there are few better ways to do so than on horse back. There are several nearby stables that offer this facility for both the beginner and the most accomplished of riders.


St Keverne is the ideal base for a cycling holiday, like horse riding you can explore the area at your own pace, taking in the beautiful surroundings. After a days exploration you can enjoy your recovery at St Keverne.

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